Tool Shop
2200 mm
Maximum diameter
Manufacturing of products in the tool shop consists of three key stages:

machining process

heat treatment

final machining process

The metal-cutting equipment of the tool shop consists of groups of machines:

belt-saw, turning, boring, drilling, grinding, milling, tooth-cutting, planning machines and most of the machines are equipped with computer numerical control.

The maximum dimensions of the processed articles are up to 2200 mm in diameter, and up to 6000 mm in length. This equipment is used, both in the processing phase before the thermal operation, and after.

The heat treatment area includes annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering, carburizing, aging using thefollowing equipment:

electrical temper shaft surfaces

gas shaft surfaces

electrical batch furnaces

gas batch bogie-type hearth furnaces


carburizing furnaces

After the thermal treatment, the part moves to the final surface finishing stage. The final processing step involves achieving the required technical characteristics.
6000 mm
Maximum length