Press Shop

In the manufacture of forgings for forging, a hydraulic forging press line of 800 t and a free forging hammer with a mass of falling parts of 3.15 t / 1.0 t / 0.16 t are used.

On demand, these forgings can be made with preliminary machining and ultrasonic testing in accordance with GOST 24507-80.

Forgings by stamping are made on the lines of steam-air hammers, where the falling part weight FPW is 3.15 t, 5 t and press tonnage is 100 t, 160 t.

Also one of the main directions of the forging and pressing shop is the provision of services for the trimming of tube billets from titanium alloys of grades VT1-0, PT-1M, PT-7M, PT-3B, VT3-0 with a diameter of 90-270 mm and a length of 1200-3000 mm.

Manufacture forgings by stamping and free forging